City Garden Pattaya Review

7F647958-992B-458C-A461-844BB78ADBA8*Project Name: City Garden Pattaya

*Developer: Global Top Group.

*Total area: 10 acres.

*Details: low-rise condo, 5 buildings, with 8 floors, 367 units.

*Prices range from 2.25 mb. – 12.5 mb.

*Prices per sq.m.: 74,304 – 98,000 thb./ sq.m.

*Room size: 51 sq.m. – 112 sq.m.

*Facilities: fitness, lobby, laundry, elevator, parking, 24 hr. security, CCTV, swimming pool, sauna, gym, garden, BBQ, shop, restaurant, wifi.

*Common fee: 45 thb./ sq.m./ month.

*Sinking fee: 600 thb./ sq.m.

*Deposit: 50,000 thb.

*Nearby: Pattaya City Walk, Royal Garden Plaza, Corn City Pattaya.








City Garden Tropicana Review

E63D3B52-3270-4BA3-8805-A8D6473C2F3F*Project Name: City Garden Tropicana.

*Developer: Global Top Group.

*Type: Low-rise condo, 8 stories, 188 units.

*Construction: completed in 2015.

*Room type: Studio (22 – 26.9 sq.m.),

1 bedroom (33 – 49 sq.m.),

2 bedroom (44 – 77 sq.m.), 3 bedroom.

*Prices for 1 bedroom start at 1.83 mb.+ to 2.16 mb. for 1 bedroom (33.27 sq.m.) .

*Prices for 2 bedroom start at 4.77 mb. – 5.85 mb. (77 sq.m.)

*Prices range from 1.7 mb.+ to 8.56+ mb.

*Price per sq.m.: 54,000 thb. – 81,420 thb./ sq.m.

*Facilities: parking, elevator, parking, 24 hr. security, CCTV, access card, swimming pool, gym, garden, BBQ.

*Common fee: 40 thb./ sq.m./ month.

*Sinking fee: 600 thb./ sq.m.

*Fully furnished.

*Ceiling height: 2.4 m.

*Nearby: Windmill plaza, Pattaya Bazaar Center, Focus Pattaya, Montes Sory Children Center.













City Garden Tower Review

825E6A02-8548-40A0-9080-E1FABDE068C8*Project Name: City Garden Tower

*Construction: completed in 2014
 *Details: 30 floors, 465 units.

*Price per sq.m.: 80,000 thb. – 94,598 thb./ sq.m.

*Facilities: elevator, parking, 24 hr. Security, CCTV, swimming pool, sauna, gym, garden, BBQ, playground, kid’s area, shop, restaurant, wifi

*Nearby: Pattaya Redemptorist School, Pattaya Memorial Hospital, Bang Lamung Vocational College.

*Special: view of Koh Larn, North Pattaya, East Pattaya, Jomtien from different units.

*Units partially furnished with furniture, equipped bathroom, and European design kitchen.

*Developer: Global Top Group.

*Reservation fee: 20,000 thb.

*Deposit: 20%, handover: 40%.

*Sinking fee: 600 thb./ month.

*Common fee: 40 thb./ sq.m./ month.

*Prices: start from 1.69 mb., estimated 1.972 mb. for studio,

2.719 mb. for 1 bedroom,

5.439 mb. for 2 bedroom.













Olympus City Garden Review

8F880FE9-9787-4F5A-835C-EB1DF993D39E*Project Name: Olympus City Garden.

*Developer: Global Top Group.

*Project area: 8 rai, 71 sq.w.

*Construction: completed around 2018.

*Details: 6 buildings, with 8 stories, around 2400 units.

*Prices range from 1.89+ mb. – 6.52 mb.

*Prices per sq.m.: 66,000 – 81,338 thb./ sq.m.

*Facilities: underground parking, jogging track, sports area, yoga room, children area, spa, elevator, parking, 24 hr. security, CCTV, swimming pool, gym, garden, BBQ, wifi.

*Common fee: 40 thb./ sq.m./ month.

*Sinking fee: 600 thb./ sq.m.

*Down payment: 15-20% of purchase price.

*Contract: 150,000 thb.

*Nearby: S&P, The Avenue Pattaya, Montes Children Center
 *EIA approved.

*Great for retirement & investors!




















Paradise Ocean View Review

D027A172-4B2A-4187-9989-4B83755807E9*Project Name: Paradise Ocean View.

*Details: single building, with 7 stories, 48 units.

*Construction: completed in 2015.

*Prices: range from 2.89 mb+ for studio, – 15.8+ mb. (depends on room size & type)

*Price per sq.m.: 66,000 thb. (Only at presale) – 141,670 thb./ sq.m.

*Facilities: elevator, parking, 24 hr. security, CCTV, sauna, gym, wifi, rooftop terrace, garden, jacuzzi, steam rooms, fitness, pool.

*Common fee: 50 thb./ sq.m./ month.

*Nearby: Charoen Sap Plaza, Chon Buri International School, Chittabhawan College, Bang Lamung vocational College, Institute of Community Development College, Bang Lamung Hospital, Thanapohn Kindergarten.










The Cloud Review

62C9EC3B-3AA4-4F93-95CC-8043D01F0386*Developer: Global Top Group Co. Ltd.

*Project Name: The Cloud.

*Area: Pratumnak, Kasetsin Soi 2.

*Type: High-rise

*Land size: 1 rai 52 sq.w.

*Building: 1 tower, 20 stories.

*Total units: 161 units.

*Unit type: Studio (25 sq.m.),

1 bedroom (26 – 55 sq.m.),

2 bedroom (48 sq.m. – 65 sq.m.),

duplex (76 sq.m.),

penthouse (110 sq.m. – 117 sq.m.)

*Facilities: Underground car parking, swimming pool, sauna, fitness, rooftop terrace.

*Safety: 24 hr. Security, CCTV, Fire alarm/ stairway, smoke detector, water sprinkler.

*Construction: from year 2014 – 2017

*Reservation fee: 50,000 thb.

*Common (maintenance fee): 40 thb./ sq.m./ month.

*Sinking fee: 600 thb./ month.




















City Garden Pratumnak Review

83A12115-0C5E-4055-B0B8-3F2E6C5F19E4*Project Name: City Garden Pratumnak

*Facilities: wifi, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, fitness, garden, car parking, 24 hr. security, CCTV, fire alarm and stairway, smoke detector, water sprinkler, lobby.

*Sinking fee: 600 thb./ sq.m.

*Common fee: 40 thb./ sq.m./ month.

*Construction: completed in 2015

*Details: two towers, with around 80 units.

*Unit size: 1 bedroom (32 – 39 sq.m.), 2 bedroom (62 sq.m.)

*Prices: start from estimated 1.31 mb. for studio, 1.62 mb+ till 4+ mb for 1 bedroom.

*Reservation fee: 20,000 – 50,000 thb.

*Deposit: 25%, handover: 45%