The Rich Park Review

*Project Name: Rich Park @Triple Station

*Developer: Richy Place Public Co. Ltd.

*Location: Srinakarindra Rd.

*Land Area: 4-1-14 Rais

*Style: Modern Resort condominium, high-rise 37 stories

*Unit: 1084 units

*Parking: 397 car lots

*Unit type: Type A- D ( 26 sq.m. – 34.95 sqm. )

*Facilities: Lobby, shop, multi-purpose room, garden, jogging track, bike lanes, fitness, pool salt system, children’s pool

*Architect: Plan Studio Co. Ltd.

*Interior: Poised Co. Ltd.

*Landscape: Blue Planet Design International Co. Ltd.

*EIA Approved.

*Price per sq.m.: starting at 90,300 thb./ sq.m.

*Prices: start at around 2.2 mb.

*Reservation: 50,000 thb.

*Contract deposit: 25%

*Common fee: 35 thb./ sqm./ month

*Sinking fee: 500 thb./ sqm.

*Transport: Metro Yellow line, Red line, Airport link Hua Mark

*Nearby: Vibharam Hospital, Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, Assumption University, Ramkhamhaeng University, Kasem Bundit University National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), Ladkrabang Institute of Technology, London Street

*Very convenient transport access.

*Infinity edge pool spectacular.

*Close to shopping malls (Seacon square, Paradise park)

*Good view from room.

































The Room Review

*Project: The Room Charoenkrung 30

*Location: Charoenkrung Road Soi 30, Bangrak, Bangkok.

*Transport: BTS Saphan Taksin

*Area: 1-3-89 Rai (Estimated)

*Number of units: 211 units, around 15 units per floor

*Building detail: 23 floor, 3 types of rooms.

*Price: 9 mil thb.

*Project Highlights: best location on Charoenkrung Road. First road of Thailand Sathorn, Silom, Rama IV, Yaowarat, and Pratunam.

*Fully equipped with all facilities.

*Facilities Lobby, Salt system Infinity Edge Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Fitness, Indoor & Outdoor Reading Lounge, Meeting Room, Security, Digital Door Lock, Key Card Access, 24 Hours Security Guard, CCTV.

*Room size: 1 Bed (53.75-63.50 sq.m.) /

2 Bed (57.55-108.50 sqm.)

*Price per sq.m.: 166,000 thb./sq.m.

*Price details: 1 bedroom, 54.3 sq.m., 6th floor, 8.74 mb.; 160,958 thb./sq.m.

— 1 bedroom 55.5 sq.m., 14th flr. 9.34 mb.; 168,288 thb./ sq.m.

—2 bedroom 77 sq.m., 13.04 mb.; 169,350 thb./ sq.m.

*Common fee: 55 thb. / sq.m.

*Sinking fund: 600 thb. / sq.m.

*Near: Silom, Assumption college, Lumpini park



The Bangkok Review

*Location Sukhumvit 55, Watthana, Bangkok

*Land Area: 1-2-94 rai

*Construction: late 2016- 2019

*Floor: 31 stories

Unit: 148 units

*Price: 1 bedroom start at 18.7 mb;

2 bedroom start at 25 mb.

*Price per sq.m.: 370,000 thb./sq.m.

*Unit type: 1 bedroom (53-63 sq.m.) with balcony; 2 bedrooms (82-94 sq.m.) with two views

*Resident floors: 5-26 floor

*Facilities: Parking automatic, lift, lobby lounge, board room, green quarter, sky green terrace, sky fitness, sky reading lounge, upper sky terrace, separated onsen, rooftop swimming pool, 24 hr security, CCTV, access card, communal penthouse on top three floors for residents

*Ceiling height: 2.9 m.

*Price: around 30 mb.

*Near: BTS Thonglor, Em District, Samitivej Hospital, Benjasiri Park

*EIA approved.

*Rooms fully furnished

*Room amenities: walk-in closet, air-con, digital door lock, VDO door phone, kitchen, sink, hood, Kuppersbusch microwave oven.

*Sinking fund: 900 thb./ sq.m.

*Common fee: 95 thb./sq/m./month





























The Key Sathorn Review

*Project: The Key Sathorn – Charoen Rat

*Location: Charoenrat Road, Bangkhlo, Bangkholaem, Bangkok

*Area: 5-3-65 rai (approx.).

*Number of units: 885 units.

*Building detail: A- 38 floors, 885 units,

2 tower building.

*Price: 3.9 – 9.5 mb.

*Parking: 462 lots.

*Facilities: Lobby Lounge, Swimming Pool with Kid’s Pool, Fitness, Reading Lounge, Multi-Purpose Room, Grand Garden, Grand Outdoor Terrace, Key access card, 24 hr security, CCTV.

*Price detail: 1 bedroom- 7th floor,  34.5 sq.m., price 3.14 mb. [91,014 baht / sq.m.]

*Price detail: 2 bedroom- 29th Floor, 55.8 sq.m., price 5.79 mb. [103,763 baht / sq.m.]

*Others: 2 bedroom, 19th Floor, 75.3 sq.m., price 7.79 mb. [103,452 Baht / sq.m.]

*Fully furnished

*Ceiling height: 2.6 m

*Reservation: 30,000 – 50,000 thb.

*Sinking fund: 500 Baht / sq.m.

*Common fee: 45 thb. / sq.m. / month

*Room type: 1 Bedroom size- 32.6-37.6 sq.m. , starting price around 3 mb.

*Other room type: 2 Bedroom size, 55.2-75.3 sq.m., starting price around 5 mb.

*Price per sq.m.: 92,024 baht / sq.m.













Maestro 19 Review

*Developer: Major Development

*Location: Soi Ratchadapisek 19

*Near: Central Ladprao, Union Mall, Big C, Tesco Ladprao

*Type: Low-rise condominium

*Room: 1 bed (29-38 sq.m.)/

1 bed plus (42 sq.m.)/

2 bed (59 sq.m.)

*Land area: 5-1-3.4 rai

*Construction: Jan 2018- Aug 2019

*Price: starting at 2.8 mb.

*Price per sq.m.: 96,000 thb./sq.m.

*Room type: 1 and 2 bedroom

*Reservation: 20,000 thb.

*Contract: 50,000 thb.

*Sinking fund: 500 thb./sq.m.

*Common fee: 65 thb./sq.m./month

*Transport: MRT Ratchadapisek

*Room fully furnished

*Room amenities: kitchen, sink, hood, CCTV, access card, laundry

*Facilities: Passenger lift, free wifi at lobby, garden, courtyard, pet area, jogging, co-working space, lounge, library, steam sauna, rooftop bbq, gym, yoga area, pool, security, bike keeping area, mailbox



















Aluminum & Easy Lifestyle

P&L manufactures high-performance aluminum & alloys used for extrusion. P&L’s high purity aluminum are essential in our lifestyles, used for casting and forging materials. You find this element in many of our IT mobiles, branded cars, wheels & for structural architecture.

P&L provides various integrated services connected with aluminum products, such as offering alloy selections or technical consultancy related to alloy processing. P&L is proud to satisfy global clients and offer the best metal solutions. In order to meet the requirement of lightweight, high-strength aluminum structure, P&L utilizes specialized manufacturing methods to meet rigid requirements according to delicate design.

P&L offers high quality aluminum alloy that meet customized applications and provides detailed services worldwide. With experienced professionals, P&L has been praised for their outstanding services. Innovative designs are sustainable, and P&L continues to develop high-tech advanced products to benefit our global population.

Visit! For more information:

Aluminium Design

Structure support: What’s aluminum for?

Aluminium is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, presenting as potassium aluminum sulfate. As examples, aluminium is produced for your smartphones, exteriors, containers, packaging, automobile and aerospace industries. This material is easy to recycle and has been involved in scientific discovery of quasicrystals by Dan Shechtman. Interestingly, aluminum oxide makes film that are corrosion and scratch-resistant.

This strong metal’s rare properties of possessing lightweight, durability, ductility, and conductivity, has made aluminum valuable with benefits such as lower cost, better strength, improved fuel efficiency, increased goods performance, architectural decoration, non-toxicity and reduced pollution. This material reveals silver-like shimmer, strength of gold, the tenacity of iron, the fusibility of copper, and lightness of glass. Aluminium is lighter and cheaper than steel, while having similar specific stiffness. The highest specific strength of aluminium exceeds that of steel. Famous landmark that use aluminium as structural material include ALCOA building of San Francisco.

For more information, visit P&L Manufacturing!


Aluminium design!

Aluminium, with characteristics such as recyclability and performance durable, is a good solution for environmental friendliness and sustainability. Due to corrosion-resistance and non-combustible properties, this metal is used widely in doors, windows, electrical appliances, furniture replacement, auto parts, and housing. The lightweight, rust-resistant, electrical & thermal conductivity, reflectivity, non-toxic, recyclable benefits of aluminium makes it a proper selection for modern innovative designs. This material is natural and ubiquitous, and touches our lives often. From Ford, to high-tech gadgets, office, and condo, your skytrip would not be possible without this critical component.

With the luster and shine of aluminium, you can easily bring this prominent metal into interior design of indoor spaces, fireplace, ceiling, or walls. It’s shimmering, regulates indoor temperatures and cost-effective for covering the living room, stairs, water fountain, apartment design with this metallic patchwork of textures. If a building is able to adapt under stress, it can accommodate earthquake forces with assistance from lightweight aluminium. This keeps the wall in alignment. Forces are transferred and absorbed through a combination of strength, flexibility, and ductility of aluminium. In order to distribute stress and limit movement, adding aluminium shear walls can be a simple solution. The density of aluminium is 2.7 g/cm3, melting point at 658 Celsius, with a thermal capacity of 900 J/kg, Celsius; and thermal conductivity at 230 W/m, Celsius. This material is ideal to replace roofs & reinforce structures. Aluminium can also be designed in unique patterns and shapes, have its surface treated, and be alloyed to different elements.

The demand for aluminium is growing, and we recommend you the best world-class manufacturer (P&L Manufacturing) for your satisfaction! P&L will meet your needs, with better insulation, safety, pleasant innovative appearance, protection, and reliability. If you love architecture, art, design & decor, like us on Facebook!

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Challenge: Do not take things too personally~

Source: Dreamworks Animation

Have you ever stomped on criticism from  ruthless strangers? You probably have, and these are tips to help you survive, and how not to feed these bully trolls.


1. Do not give attention to negative things that try to poison you.
2. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. If other strangers don’t agree with the way we live our life, it’s not our problem.
3. You do not need approval from strangers.  Their negativity has nothing to do with you, but a lot to do with who they themselves are.
4. Don’t waste precious time thinking why others are so rude and negative. Focus on those who love & cherish us.
5. Handle awkward issues so that negative situations do not disturb your inner peace. Cultivate mind peace & try music or aerobics. Always remember not to self-harm.

Sweet Treats~

Baking lesson for the weekend,

Enjoy some of my fav recipes of all time~

Almond flour
Egg whites (3+)
Powdered sugar (confectioners)
Flavor extracts

*preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
*combine almond flour with powdered sugar
*whisk egg whites, add in sugar until peaks form
*fold in almond flour mixture into egg whites (meringue)
*pipe the batter on the baking sheet (avoid bubbles)
*bake 12 minutes, or until surface becomes smooth & macaron feet forms
*spread cream or jam in between macaron pieces for flavorimage

Credit: Professional desserts (pink box)